RE-ELECT JOANIE CLAUSEN Golden Valley City Council                                        NOVEMBER 5
         November 8th


Today, we are faced with many different challenges. Challenges that affect us personally, and challenges that are felt by our city. City government makes decisions that affect us every day. Decisions about our safety, how we spend money, and the look and livability of our neighborhoods. Golden Valley needs to be responsive and accountable to the community. Accountability of services is extremely important to the taxpayers, and how we are perceived by others.

During my time on the city council, a lot has been accomplished and we have seen many changes take place within our city. To name a few recent accomplishments:

        • Created the Equity Tides Task Force to address diversity, equality                              outreach and education
        • Maintained our community services, infrastructure and commitment to                      residents
         • Built our beautiful new Brookview
        • Developed a plan for affordable housing that is still in the works
        • Created a task force for improved bike and pedestrian trails and walkways    
        • Passed limiting the number of trash haulers with stricter regulations
        • Formulated a debt reduction plan to ensure continuing fiscal responsibility                  that creates a stable city for years to come while keeping taxes affordable
As generations shift, we must continue to provide relevant and desired services to older residents while attracting young professionals and families. Our increasing diversity is a strength, and as decisions are made at City Hall, I will continue to be a voice for all residents, balancing our needs and wants and working toward the Golden Valley of tomorrow.

The city will continue to work on the Blue Line Extension to ensure the best possible results for Golden Valley. Along with the LRT, Golden Valley must continue to explore new and better transportation options. 

We must continue to focus on our investments in a flexible and prudent manner to improve our infrastructure while maintaining the character of our city.

Today, I ask for your support to continue strengthening our wonderful, established and family-friendly community. I will continue to address our challenging decisions with courage, thoughtfulness and understanding. I look forward to continuing my service to you and Golden Valley!     

                                                    "SHE CARES!"
                                             Liz Elligen Golden Valley                              



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